Maritz Inc.

Cindy Wagner has been editing my copy for nearly five years, as a copyeditor with Maritz and now with Editing Ink. Based on my experiences during my 12 years of publication work, I have no problem ranking Cindy number one above the scores of copy editors with whom I’ve worked.

Cindy’s attention to detail is nothing short of astounding. Every phone number is called, every Internet Web site is visited, the spelling of every name is checked, every person’s title is confirmed, and no company’s name or address escapes her scrutiny. No detail is too small, and no amount of work to confirm a fact is too great for Cindy. In short, every aspect of Cindy’s work is done correctly. Absolutely. Every time.

I would strongly recommend Cindy to anyone doing any type of publication work, and would consider using no one else for the pieces I produce at Maritz. Knowing that Cindy has edited a printed piece means I know without a doubt it will be error-free. Cindy is so thorough and accurate that I actually look forward to receiving deliveries from the printer.

In addition, Cindy’s level of service is second to none. Fast turnaround times are the norm, and her “do whatever it takes” attitude does much to eliminate headaches and to speed production. Finally, she’s extremely sharp and thinks ahead through every step of the publication and print process in order to prevent any potential problems. Cindy Wagner is the only choice for proofreading and copyediting.


Marc L. Witengier
Associate Manager
Corporate Communications
Maritz Inc.

I have worked with Cindy Wagner for 13 years at Maritz Inc., and would strongly recommend her services to anyone.

Cindy has several fine attributes. She is diligent. Cindy is a “whatever it takes” individual who absolutely will not stop until she gets the work right. She is a perfectionist. I find in everything she does, she will encourage the people who work with her to address imperfection in all projects she is working on. Cindy is a good downline thinker. She thinks through projects and future implications of an action to be taken, and thinks about the impact on other systems and company policies/procedures. Cindy has a fine mind. She is a “quick read,” understands the implications of any project and looks for options and solutions. She is also a strong person who can work with senior corporate management and suggest changes, corrections or new approaches.

Cindy is professional in all aspects of her work and I would recommend her to anyone. She will be an asset for any organization that has the good fortune to work with her.


Sidwell D. Hutchins
Senior Vice President
Director, Corporate Communications
Maritz Inc.


Bill, Sonia and I just returned from Houston where we visited with the Compaq folks.

While there we had the opportunity to discuss the FlexPaq guide, which you’ve been helping us with. When I inquired whether they wanted us to proceed with the proofreading changes you had made, the client sat back in his chair and said, “Where did you get her? She is absolutely amazing!” To which we proudly responded, “We’re awfully glad to have her in our camp.”

This FlexPaq guide has been a thorn in his side for quite some time now and he expressed his appreciation for your help in getting it “straightened out.”

We appreciate you too. Thanks.


P.S. Are my quotation marks in the right place?


Thanks for your suggestions on the Honda copy. I like the second paragraph, too, so I’m going to use that one. Knowing the effort you put into this … Thanks for your attention to detail and perfection. That’s what makes you such a valuable team member and contributor to our success!

Suzanne Maxey

I have known Cindy Wagner for more than 13 years, both as an employee and friend. In my position at Maritz as creative director, I had the extreme pleasure of having Cindy as an employee for more than five years. Her skills as both a copy editor and proofreader are on a level that I and her coworkers could describe only as awesome. Her dedication to her craft is beyond reproach. Cindy’s mastery of proofreading and especially her ability to edit copy were lifesavers to me and to the many clients she served during her career at Maritz.

She is one of the quickest learners I had the privilege to work with. While performing her assigned duties – copyediting and proofreading – she took on the added responsibilities of training for and becoming our first PC typesetter on an IBM system and later a VideoShow operator. Cindy was responsible for all corporate VideoShow presentations and typeset materials created during my tenure as her manager.

Her total professionalism, attitude and abilities are incredible assets.


Ronald G. Yanker
Creative Director
Maritz Performance Improvement Company

Express Scripts

Cindy has been an invaluable help with all of my projects! I manage our quarterly newsletter, which is sent to more than 2,000 prospective clients, and Cindy is always there to help proof the copy and offer suggestions on how to make it even better. And of course I usually ask for a quick turnaround, and Cindy always manages to get the job completed on time. She is so detail-oriented and catches everything! The newsletter wouldn’t be what it is today without Cindy’s expertise.

Thank you for all your help, Cindy!

Megan Brady
Corporate Communications Specialist

HBE Corporation

Dear Cindy,

I didn’t realize how bad our company handbook was until you came along. Even if I had read that book ten more times, I would have never discovered the things that you did. I had many people read it with me, but with your fresh eyes and your experience, I feel much better about our product. Again thank you for your time. I learned so much from you in the short time we worked together. And when someone has something that needs editing, I know your name will be the first thing that I mention.

Thanks for making me look good.

Terrie Hart
Employment Manager

Data Management Association


It is not possible for me to adequately express our association’s appreciation for the fine copyediting work you’ve done on our newsletter and board member bios this year.

I’ve never met anyone even close to your level of talent for keeping things consistent and accurate.

Thank you so very much,

President, Data Management Association

EMAC Worldwide, Inc.

I want to thank and compliment Cindy and Editing Ink for helping me design, lay out, write and edit my company’s business plan. Not only was Cindy responsive, but she also found proactive ways to make the 100+-page document better. All in all it was an extremely productive process.

Jim Holbrook
Chief Executive Officer

Mercy Hospital

Cindy Wagner is “the proofreading diva.” After more than 15 years of working in marketing and communications, I continue to seek out Cindy for her unparalleled skills and expertise. When it absolutely has to be perfect, Cindy Wagner is my first phone call. I recommend her to colleagues every chance I get!

Michele Gramelspacher
Manager, Public Relations
Mercy Hospital

Money Zone

I was amazed at what Cindy caught on our website – she was incredibly thorough! We definitely needed a fresh pair of eyes to go over our content, and Cindy gave us exactly what we needed. Thanks to Editing Ink, our website has an additional level of consistency and professionalism. It is a pleasure working with such a professional organization, and a relief knowing that we have such a reliable resource available to us; we are already planning a next deployment, and will be using Editing Ink again.

Michael Dolce
Director of Design
Money Zone

The Sequoia Architecture Group


I just wanted to send you a little note to commend you on your stellar work, and to say what a pleasure it is doing business with Editing Ink! As you know, we help start-up companies develop their business plans and strategies for future expansion – which means intense review by investors. Your timeliness, accuracy and insightful edits and comments have proven to be the key components that help make our clients stand out from the crowd and clearly get noticed. Without your help, the messages my clients send to the investor community would fall on deaf ears. Thanks for helping us get them to listen!

Sincerely yours,

Scott Van Valkenburgh
Managing Partner
The Sequoia Architecture Group

Spoke Marketing

If you’re looking for someone to rubber-stamp your copy and tell you that you’re brilliant, look elsewhere. Cindy is thorough, thoughtful, consistent (and kind). In addition to the dreaded red pen, she provides rationale and suggestions on how to improve your message.

I’m not saying you’re an idiot if you don’t use her … but you must be a genius if you think you don’t need her.

David Meyer
Spoke Marketing

US Electrical Services

It is amazing how many mistakes and errors Cindy caught for us. Right when we thought we were 98% completed, Cindy really gave a fresh perspective on restructuring our publication … We would and will definitely be using her services again.

George Stroumboulis
Marketing Manager

Wiedenbach-Brown Co., Inc.


Thank you for the excellent work you have done reviewing documents for our company. With your help, we are certain that we have dotted all our i’s and crossed all our t’s!

James Leahy
Chief Executive Officer
Wiedenbach-Brown Co., Inc.

Witherspoon Security Consulting

Dear Cindy,

Just a note to tell you that you are great to work with, and your work product is fantastic! I particularly appreciate the fact that not only do you correct the mistakes I made, your comments and color coding indicate why the mistakes were wrong. As a result I learn, hopefully, and thus don’t make the same mistakes twice.

I’ll not only continue using your services in the future, I’ll be happy to recommend you to anyone in need of editing services.

Many thanks,

Ralph Witherspoon, CPP
Witherspoon Security Consulting