Hi, I’m Cindy Wagner, president of Editing Ink.

Unlike most kids, I really liked English class. And, when I was young, two of my favorite activities were working the Hidden Pictures puzzles in Highlights magazine and playing Concentration.

If you think about it, copyediting and proofreading are combinations of those three: using the rules of grammar and punctuation, searching every word for a typo, and remembering how the client’s term was used 10 pages ago.

So, if you do what you do best – capture your brilliant ideas – and I do what I do best – copyedit and proofread those ideas – we both shine. I gain a client who trusts me to do an excellent job, and you avoid embarrassing errors and look even better to your clients and prospects.

Here are the types of business correspondence I can polish for you:

     Annual reports
     Promotional materials
     Business letters

I focus on quality first (see my testimonials) and fast turnarounds second (small jobs can usually be turned around overnight).

If you’ve written something important and you want to make sure it’s right, I’m here to help you achieve that goal.