Inc. Technology Write-Up

In early 2000, an article in Inc. Technology discussed the negative reaction of a business owner, Mark McNutt, when his company’s website was listed as one of the five worst sites on the Internet. Because Mark decided to fight back, the magazine editors eventually resolved the controversy by holding a website design contest to redesign his company’s website.

My husband, Gill, heard about the story when the article announcing the design contest winner was published. And after reading the article, Gill went to the winning site to see how it looked.

Gill knows enough about grammar and punctuation (from my years of harping and his being a published author) to spot errors on the new website. Apparently, the people involved in the article – Inc. Technology editors, the article’s author, the website designer and Mark McNutt – were all so mesmerized by the new design that no one thought to edit the copy – a common mistake. So, Gill asked me to edit the “About Us” page “just for fun.” I found quite a few errors, including that the company name was misspelled in the footer on every page of the website.

I contacted the people involved in the article and mentioned that, on the About Us page alone, I had 15 editing suggestions. In the end, I copyedited the entire site, and Inc. Technology did a follow-up article about my copyediting efforts.

If you ’ re interested, here are my suggestions for the home page.